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Yardsale Mojo

Yard Sale - great way to make money online!! Your chances of making money from an online Yardsale is much more than a traditional yard sale because when you advertise on the internet, more people get to see what you have for sale. A traditional yardsale wraps up at the end of the day but the internet advertisement remains online day and night for others to see and buy and you don't have to wait for a customer to show up on your yard.

Yardsalemojo takes the pain out of your yard sale and puts $$ in your pockets while you relax and enjoy life. Let the mojo work for you:

1. Free internet advertisement - Your advertisement remains online for 60 days. If your item gets sold you can delete your advertisement or if the item remains unsold you can repost again till you sell the stuff. It is TOTALLY FREE!!.
2. You are in charge - You do the deal directly and whatever you get is yours to keep.
3. 24 X 7 Marketing - The items are on display 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
4. Total Convenience - A very convenient and easy way to sell.

YARD SALE on the Internet - market place of the future!